Ava Vegas

Ava Vegas music sounds like a convertible ride through a movie set.
Back seat, night, neon lights.
Perhaps the open-air ride leads through the imagined replica of Las Vegas, the city that already looks like the replica of all those longings that in life can only bounce off reality after all.
Unreal, deceptive, dangerous.
But between dream and reality exists a place, ambiguous and far, a phantasm, and this place has become music here.
Illusion, vision, glitter, tingling.
Thus, in the pieces of Ava Vegas something glorious flies through the night, something luminous, visible in a glittering light reflecting in sequins, at the same time enveloped in an inescapable darkness.
Hard, soft, sky-high, saddened to death.
The music seems to capture that state in which one realizes that the world one so longs for cannot exist.
In love, abandoned, happy, sad.
And so this world can exist after all. It sounds and echoes in the music of Ava Vegas.


Wido von Wienskowski


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